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we have just one objective: 
To find the best solution for you.
  • Direct equity investment into promising blockchain startups is generally not possible for individual investors.
  • Due diligence process involves significant industry knowledge and technological skills coupled with business, legal and finance.
  • Many big players are not in the industry and lack the required.
  • Primary role of global specialized network to select best projects. Access to the most appealing deals is becoming increasingly restricted to professional players with high buying.
  • Diversification is key, it is impossible to obtain direct exposure to a basket of promising companies.

Our Competitive Edge

Team of experts with over 100 years of aggregated experience in the areas of finance, trading, consulting, digital management and fund management.

Swiss based company. Switzerland has emerged as a leading crypto-nation thanks to its business friendly regulatory environment.

A developed international network of partners and successful key industry players.

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