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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”
Benjamin Franklin

S.C.A. Asset Management, a fully owned division of Swiss Crypto Advisors SA, was founded in April 2019 in Geneva. It was formed as a Multi Family Office (MFO) to manage the traditional financial assets of our founders, their families and our client network.

Our firm specialises in finding the right banking partners for our clients and ensuring that the investment solutions provided to them are in line with their needs and expectations. We aim to integrate new investment opportunities in fintech, blockchain and digital assets into traditional investment portfolios and support our clients in managing this transition.

We review and continuously monitor the performance of each investment, consolidate, and report on the entire portfolio. Our role is that of an independent investment adviser and manager, as such, we provide impartial advice supported by up-to-date market research and benchmarking. In this structure, clients maintain control of their assets with their chosen banking partner and custodian

We believe in the future of blockchain and aim to provide asset and wealth management to clients on their traditional financial assets while providing a bridge to the opportunities opening up in both blockchain and crypto sectors.

Our mission is to integrate the management of traditional asset classes with upcoming financial opportunities arising from the blockchain revolution and provide holistic asset management.

Our alternative fund services offer includes:

As an exclusive advisor of Next Generation Fund , we consult on the overall investment strategy, market and company analysis, STO due diligence, hedging strategies, and volatility management. Our thorough and professional efforts help to navigate the recent extended bear market with positive returns or a significant over-performance vs. the market. For professional investors only.


As sponsor, creator and exclusive advisor of the fund, our team invests in the future of blockchain by selecting and investing in the equity of the most promising blockchains based on start-ups worldwide. Our extensive network, capabilities and end-to-end due diligence process enables us to select the best opportunities across industries and help in creating long-term value.

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