Tokenize Your Security

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Enforceable rights

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Different types of Security Tokens are not regulated. However, they are nothing more than existing financial instruments or a mixture of them which have been around for a long time. Moreover, the legal framework for STO is the same as far as a usual security offering.

The modern twist of this, creating a security token (tokenization), means taking these existing financial instruments and starting to maintain shareholder balances or any rights that can be attached to a financial instrument on a distributed ledger or a blockchain by issuing digital tokens that present the shares of an underlying financial instrument on a blockchain. The main idea is to make these not only technically executable but also legally enforceable.

Securities are generally defined as “tradable financial instruments,” although the exact definition and language vary across jurisdictions. There are different legal requirements, or regulations, defining how security issuers and investors must act and be treated. Often this has to do with reporting requirements and protecting investors and market integrity.

We at SCA may tokenize securities such as profit in the form of dividends, interest, or speculative assets that are commodities futures and forex markets.

How it works